Final Post

This is the final post for Room 10. Next year (2010) Room 10 will be a different classroom, a different teacher and a different age group!

The new blog for me (Jo) and my class (Year 5’s) is being hosted on Blogger and I will be using Edublogs to host our individual student blogs.

I’ve had a fantastic year with my awesome group of Year 3&4 students. I will be leaving this blog up for some time before archiving it.

Thanks for reading.

7-1/2 days …

… that’s how long we will have in our new classroom! Next year it will be renumbered and become Room 9 and it will have a class of Year 5 students (maybe some of us) and not Year 3 & 4. But at least we get to enjoy the new classroom (ex-library) for a few days – 7-1/2 to be exact!

B&W Ink Prints

On Friday we worked with our Buddy Class teacher to make some colour prints. Then on Monday we worked with Ms Fothergill to re-work our original prints and then reprint black on white. They look quite stunning.

B&W Ink Prints on PhotoPeach

A very STRANGE thing happened …

This week in maths we were looking at capacity. After doing an experiment on Tuesday looking at how the water level in a container rises when you put heavy objects in it we looked at what happened to a FULL container of water when you put heavy objects in it. We had been talking about Mr Achimede’s Bath and thought we’d try it out for ourselves.

Mr Archimede's Bath

Mr Archimede's Bath

However, a very strange thing happened … check out the video to see what happened.

We still haven’t figured out why the water rose ABOVE the top of the container … maybe YOU can help us.

Eli’s communication topic

For our homework everyone had to choose one form of communication to write about. Eli made an unusual choice.


Face Pulling

I chose to talk about face pulling for communication.

Face One: the neanderthal face. Puller(s): Sam, Eli
We pull that face to tell someone that we are not particularly interested in something.


Face Two: lip out, stomping and screeching. Puller(s): Eli
It tells you that the person is having a tanty.


Face Three: the death look. Puller(s): Mum
The death look follows a verbal warning. One eyebrow raised and total focus.


Face Four: happy face. Puller(s): Mia, Sam, Eli, Mum, Dad
It tells someone you are happy.